“A Stranger Things Halloween Light Show”

Photo courtesy Casqueira Holiday Light Show

BRICK – The Casqueira Holiday Light Show presents, “A Stranger Things Halloween Light Show.” The show runs from now until the end of day, on Halloween. Sunday through Thursday the show plays from 6:30 to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday the show stays on an extra hour later, 6:30 to 11 p.m.

  This Halloween season, the show consists of over 100,000 synchronized LED lights, and thousands of individually addressable pixels. They will be featuring music from the Netflix hit series, “Stranger Things.” Music is broadcasted over Radio Station 103.1FM, that you can tune to from the comfort of your vehicle.

  They will be collecting monetary donations in front of the house in the lock box, virtually through a GoFundMe account, and donations can be made directly to the organization they have chosen to contribute to. This year’s Halloween contribution will be 100% donated to Lead U. As an exciting addition to this year’s show, Piper’s Treats LLC (ice cream truck) will be stopping by the light show on our busiest nights with a variety of tasty treats, and some awesome giveaways provided by the Casqueira Holiday Light Show.

  Lead U is a positive group of educators who seek unique, often theatrical, methods of actively empowering children of all ages to help them find the leader within themselves. Acquired by the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide, areas of their focus include anti-bullying, empowerment, mindfulness, and cyber-bullying. Lead U is extremely active in our community and will be doing programming for various schools in Ocean County this upcoming school year. If you would like more information about Lead U, visit their website here: leaduthere.com.

  Alongside the synchronized light display, the family also runs a small business to aid in their mission: facebook.com/casqueiraholidaylightshowCRAFTS.

  A proceed of every sale is donated to their current contribution through the Casqueira Holiday Light Show.

  As a friendly reminder, please be courteous to the property, neighbors, and other viewers. If you are able, please dim or turn off your headlights. Please also be considerate of the music level. They love the enthusiastic viewers that sing, dance, and visit; but just keep the noise at a friendly level for others and the neighbors who fully support what they do.