Historian Shows New Acquisitions For Museum

Photo courtesy Brick Township Historical Society

  BRICK – Recently at a meeting of the Brick Township Historical Society at the Herbertsville Firehouse, Gene Donatiello, Brick Township historian and curator of the Havens Homestead Museum, showed the audience some new acquisitions for the museum. 

  A past president of the Society, Dolores Waddill, donated the items. She was the third president in the history of the Society (from 1985 to 1989) which was founded in 1976 with Donatiello as the first president.

  Waddill, formerly a long time Brick resident, moved to North Jersey to be near family. However, before leaving, she contacted Donatiello to give him two treasures for the museum.

  Donatiello is shown in the picture displaying what looks like a plunger. It was used as a hand operated washing device. By pushing it into a basin of water and clothes, its holes would release the water and move the clothes up and down. It is similar to a present-day agitator but operated by hand.

  In his left hand, Donatiello was holding a floating thermometer which was used by dairy farmers when pasteurizing milk. It floated upright and indicated when the milk reached the right temperature.

  The Brick Township Historical Society’s next meeting is January 10 and the public is welcome. Admission is free. For more information see its website at bricktownshiphistoricalsociety.com or call 732-785-2500.