School Community Welcomes New Brick Memorial Principal

Edward Sarluca surrounded by family and friends on his appointment. (Photo courtesy Brick Schools)

  BRICK – Having been an integral part of the school district for over two decades, Edward Sarluca was approved as the next principal of Brick Memorial High School.

  At a recent Brick Township Board of Education meeting, board members all voted in favor of Sarluca, who will officially become the principal on February 5.

  “It’s been a long time in this district and when I say that I mean my entire life. I’ve been here as an alumnus of Midstreams Elementary, Veterans Memorial Middle School, and of course Brick Memorial High School,” Sarluca said.

  Sarluca graduated from Brick Memorial in 1993. He’s since had a long career in the district, including his significant role as the Athletic Director. Sarluca was honored with the title of Athletic Director of the Year in 2021, recognizing his dedication and accomplishments.

  “I was lucky enough to be asked to come back and work here by one of our former central administrators. I worked at Veterans Middle School, Lake Riviera Middle School, the head coaching job with the basketball program at Memorial, and came to teach there,” Sarluca said. “Ironically, it’s been nine years in the middle school level, nine years as a teacher and a coach at memorial, and this is my ninth year as the athletic director. Now I’m taking that next jump.”

Edward Sarluca was appointed as the new principal of Brick Memorial High School. (Photo courtesy Brick Schools)

  In his address, he thanked his family who are all proud life-long Mustangs. He acknowledged his sister Maria Lupo, a physical education teacher at Brick Memorial, and expressed his appreciation for her constant encouragement and support. Sarluca got emotional when he shared that he would be leaving Sara Petraccoro, the Athletic Director secretary.

  While concluding his speech, Sarluca discussed his enthusiasm of “building an identity” for Brick Memorial High School, which only opened in 1980.

  “The last couple of days we’ve paid tribute to a great man; an important man to the Brick Memorial Community. He was a ring leader and foundation builder for what Brick Memorial is today – Pete Walski, along with some other families. They set out 45 years ago when there was just one school. They set out to form an identity and build a tradition,” Sarluca said. “Here we are 44 years later with the first Mustang taking the helm. I couldn’t be more privileged.”

  “To be given the opportunity to lead that building after calling it my home for as long as I have been able to, is just a humbling feeling. I greatly cherish it and am thankful for the opportunity you have given me,” Sarluca added.