Brick Memorial Announces Educators Of The Year

  BRICK – Brick Memorial High School has announced the recipients of the 2023-2024 educators of the year, being honored through the Governor’s Educator of the Year program.

  Sara Ball has been named Teacher of the Year, while Samantha West is celebrated as the Educational Professional of the Year.

  Ball has been in the education field for 19 years, initially starting as an elementary school teacher in a general education setting.

  “Known for her dynamic teaching style and unwavering dedication to her students, Ms. Ball excels in the realm of special education. Her ability to create a welcoming and inclusive classroom environment sets her apart, fostering an atmosphere where students feel comfortable to learn and thrive,” the school said in the statement.

  Ball has taught in the Gifted and Talented Program, and later began teaching at Brick Memorial High School in 2018 where she joined the RISE Academy Program.

  Currently, Ball teaches all levels of mathematics and a modified Film Analysis Course within this program.

  Throughout the years, Ball has shown her ability to adapt and her commitment to students’ diverse needs.

  Ball is a part of several co-curricular activities within the school district. She serves on various faculty committees, including School Spirit and School Improvement, and holds the position of Co-Advisor for the Class of 2027.

  Ball, who is the head cheerleading coach, promotes responsibility, family values, and community involvement in her athletes.

  West is a dedicated Student Assistance Counselor at Brick Memorial High School and is being honored for her outstanding commitment to mental health and student well-being. She educates the school population about mental health and substance abuse issues, offering counseling support to students, staff, and their families.

  “In her two short years at Brick Memorial, Ms. West has demonstrated exceptional skills and commitment, making herself readily available to address the mental health needs of students and provide valuable support to the entire school community. Serving as the BMHS Anti-Bullying Specialist and an active member of the school’s Safety Committee, Ms. West navigates challenging situations with delicacy and fairness, showcasing her professionalism,” the school stated.

  West shares her knowledge by presenting at workshops and contributing to the continuous improvement of the school community. She’s organized events such as the Week of Respect as well as informative assemblies on cyberbullying, internet safety, and social media.

  “Brick Memorial High School congratulates Sara Ball and Samantha West for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the school community. Their passion for education and commitment to student success serve as an inspiration to us all,” the school states.